Low Season Rate per night. Period: 01.01 - 14.05 and 16.09 - 01.01

315 EUR

Middle Season Rate per night. Period: 15.05 - 01.07 and 16.08 - 15.09

550 EUR

High Season Rate per night. Period: 01.07 - 16.08

900 EUR



Sq. m

30 m 2




Russia. Her vast spaces are staggering. It is a many-sided, multifarious country... Everybody’s Russia is different from everybody else’s. For some she is the endless field of yellow ox-eye daisies, for some she is the strong stream of the fast river, while others hear the bells of a small white church ringing about Russia.

The laconic, black and white interior of the guestroom “Russia” is literally exploded by the bright, decorated with designs samovar, a Russian beauty in national clothing, which is a doll to cover the teapot, and, of course, the cheerful matrioshka dolls.

The lilac-silver colors of details finely underline the bright contrasts. Engravings of the ancient Russian churches complete the attire of the guestroom.

Total area of apartments - 30,0 m2.