Low Season Rate per night. Period: 01.01 - 14.05 and 16.09 - 01.01

370 EUR

Middle Season Rate per night. Period: 15.05 - 01.07 and 16.08 - 15.09

660 EUR

High Season Rate per night. Period: 01.07 - 16.08

1080 EUR



Sq. m

34 m 2




Africa is the oldest continent. At night the moon and the stars appear so close here that it seems you can reach and touch them with your hand. The deserts astonish with vast spaces...

The suite “Africa” is accomplished in rich red - vinous and golden colors, which are so reminiscent of the hot sand of the African deserts. The charm of the atmosphere of the black continent can be felt in traditional items of artistic crafts: the figurines, wooden and clay vases, naive style artwork, flickering depth of the huge mirror in carved case. You feel like you are on an uninhabited island, all alone, and filled with sensation of the paradise lost.

Total area of apartments - 34,3 m2.